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My Personal Learning Network, or PLN, is a way for me to network and connect with people that have expertise within my future career path. Personally, I only use Twitter to connect with sports statisticians and analysts, as other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram seem to have a smaller presence of statisticians, and the content isn’t quite what I am looking for or interested in. I use my Twitter as a way to keep up to date on statistics throughout sports, although mostly basketball and baseball, and I retweet any tweets I find surprising, interesting, or significant to my learning. Currently, some of my favorite people/pages to follow on Twitter are Kirk Goldsberry, Positive Residual, Mike Beuoy, NBA Advanced Analysis, Stats by STATS, NBA Charts, Jeremy Frank, NBA Math, The Nylon Calculus, statcenter, etc. Krik Goldsberry, an NBA analyst at ESPN and author of “Sprawlball”, posts a lot of interesting charts and graphs relating to significant statistics and trends in the NBA, which have had the largest impact on my education and major. I have used a lot of his charts, such as the “Everybody Shoots Threes Now” and “Iverson vs Harden” charts/graphs, in my Research Article about how Advanced Statistics and Analytics have changed the NBA. As I was doing research for my article and Applied Project, Kirk Goldsberry was promoting his new “Sprawlball” book, which is a more visual representation of how the NBA has changed throughout the years, so I had access to extremely relevant information and used a lot of his tweets in my research. Although somewhat advanced for me to use in my Research Article or Applied Project, I still retweet a lot of posts by Positive Residual and NBA Advanced Analysis, with examples shown below in my PLN Portfolio Twitter Moments. NBA Advanced Analysis tweets out a lot of scatterplots relating to specific NBA trends, and they do a good job of explaining the significance of everything they tweet. Positive Residual tweets a variety of statistics presented as a graph, chart, quote, link, or a regular tweet, and is a good follow for anyone interested in sports statistics and analytics. Every once in a while, I will go in and look at some of the people my favorite statisticians/statistics pages follow to see if I can expand my network even further. Aside from a couple of friends and celebrities, I follow almost exclusively statistics and analytics pages and experts, so my Twitter is used only to expand my knowledge in the sports statistics and analytics field. A lot of the experts and pages I follow end up following me back, which is helpful because it gives me direct access to experts in my career path. I was also followed by Chris Gronkowski, although I don’t think he follows me anymore, which has nothing to do with this assignment but was pretty exciting at the time. Below are just a few of my interactions with my PLN, but all of my updated interactions can be found embedded on the right side of my website. If you’re interested in sports statistics and analytics, I recommend following any or all of the people I mentioned above or that are in my Twitter Moment. If you want a filtered version of all of these people, follow me at @mattnason22.

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