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A PLN is a Personal Learning Network, which is a network of all of your social media and the people who you follow, as well as those who follow you back. My personal network includes people within the sports statistics field, such as ESPN Stats & Info, Stephen A. Smith, Adam Scheffer, etc., and my friends and family, classmates, professors, and peers. I originally created my PLN by following as many sports statisticians as I could find, and then adding people from our Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies class. This added on top of the friends and family that were already apart of my PLN, and I continue to expand my PLN throughout the rest of my career.

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My PLN can be found here:

My PLN affects my education currently by allowing me to stay up to date with things going on in my eventual profession. In my major, I think that my PLN will allow me to access more resources to contribute towards my classes, especially updated statistics for teams and players in each major professional sports league. In the future, I think the continued expansion of my PLN will continue to keep me up to date with my field, as well as giving me a template of how articles and updates should be done.

Update for 2/6/19

Since I first created my Personal Learning Network, I have started using Twitter a lot more and have started following more sports statisticians. Some of the people and pages I have followed since I made my PLN include, Kirk Goldsberry (ESPN Analyst), MLB Stats, Stats by STATS, Sports Fact Lover, Celtics Stats, etc. I plan on continuing to grow my PLN by following more Sports Statisticians and Analysts, such as Kirk Goldsberry, instead of pages of Sports Stats companies because they post more obscure and interesting things in my opinion. I have been retweeting a lot of the statistics I find interesting and/or relevant, and I think continuing to be active on Twitter will help me grow my PLN. Since starting my internship last semester, I have also met a lot of people that work for Plymouth State’s statistics department, which has helped grow my Personal Learning Network as well. My brother also knows some people that work with the Maine Red Claws, which is the G-League affiliate of the Boston Celtics, and a scout that works for MLB, and I plan on speaking with them to grow my PLN as well.

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  1. Wish there were more robust engagement with this, but I think you get the idea here and have the ability to judge whether or not in will be useful to you to continue building your network…

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