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When I was brainstorming what I was going to do for my Applied Project, I knew I wanted to do something with Plymouth State’s men’s basketball team this season, I just didn’t know what. Originally, I wanted to find advanced statistics for the team, but after talking with Chris Kilmer, I found out that we already track a lot of the statistics I was going to calculate, they just aren’t online for everyone to see. I asked Chris to send me every statistic he had for the men’s basketball team, and I would figure out how I would use them later. Ultimately, all I really needed was individual player statistics, as well as league statistics that were on the Little East Conference website.

PSU Men-2– This file has 43 pages of statistics, so almost anything that you would need to find would be in this file. This is the only file that I used for my Applied Project, as I used the team box score on the first page to find totals for every player. I then used those totals and plugged them into my Player Efficiency Rating formula. I found that starting on page ten, you can see game by game statistics for each player with their averages listed below, which could be helpful if I decided to calculate my PERs using averages. I did find, however, that the three point percentage averages for each player is incorrect, as it just shows the total field goal percentage again. If you look at the bottom of the game by game box score, though, right above the player averages, you will see the correct three point percentage. If you are interested in the men’s basketball statistics for Plymouth State during the 2018-19 season, you should start with this file, as it has almost everything you would ever need/want to know.

Specialty Statistics– Shows game by game team statistics with averages for PSU and opponents at the bottom. You can see total turnovers, 2nd chance points, fast break points, and bench points for Plymouth State for every game of the season, as well as the amount of ties and leads Plymouth had during the game. Finally, we can see if Plymouth won or lost the game, the final score, and the leads that Plymouth overcome during the game (if there was any).

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