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When I was brainstorming what I was going to do for my Applied Project, I knew I wanted to do something with Plymouth State’s men’s basketball team this season, I just didn’t know what. Originally, I wanted to find advanced statistics for the team, but after talking with Chris Kilmer, I found out that we already track a lot of the statistics I was going to calculate, they just aren’t online for everyone to see. I asked Chris to send me every statistic he had for the men’s basketball team, and I would figure out how I would use them later. Ultimately, all I really needed was individual player statistics, as well as league statistics that were on the Little East Conference website. So my e-port posts will be all of the statistics I have that I couldn’t use for my Applied Project.

Player by Player game highs– Shows the game highs for each player in points, field goals made and attempted, field goal percentage with a minimum of 5 shots made, 3-point field goals made and attempted, 3-point percentage with a minimum of 2 shots made, free throws made and attempted, free throw percentage with a minimum of 3 made, rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots, turnovers, fouls, and minutes. This also shows each players’ top five scoring games of the season. Every statistic listed also has the corresponding game to the right (opponent and date).

Player game highs– Shows all of the categories listed in the Player by Player game highs file, but by team leaders instead of all players. This also includes opponent player game highs for each category across the league for the 2018-19 season (not including Plymouth State players).

Comparison– Shows game by game comparisons between Plymouth State and their opponent for every game of the season. The left side of the “/” is Plymouth State’s statistics; right side is opponent’s statistics. We are given the comparisons of 1st and 2nd half scoring totals, as well as the final score and the scoring margin (difference in scoring). We are also given comparisons for field goals and field goal percentage, three pointers and three point percentage, free throws and free throw percentage, rebounds, assists, turnovers, blocks, steals, and fouls.

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